I. Municipal Funds:

1.Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school principal or guidance counselor
2.Report card
3.Income tax of parents (not more than p36,000.00 per annum)

Criteria for Selection

1.Good Moral Character
2. Grades in all subjects must at least be of passing grade
3.Hardworking and strong determination to continue studies

4.Income of parents below p36,000 pesos per annum

5. Willing to come back after studies to serve his/her hometown
II. Congressional Funds:
1.   Photocopy of Birth Certificate

2.  Certificate of good moral character from the Barangay Captain, Municipal Mayor or High
School Principal
3. Certification from Barangay Captain that the applicant is a bonafide resident of the barangay
4. Form 138 (Photocopy signed by the School  Principal)
5.     Latest BIR Income Tax return (ITR) of parents
6.     2 x 2 I.D. picture
7.     Application Form

8.     Long Folder with plastic paper fastener

III. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

1.High School graduate
2.Belongs to a family with annual gross income of not more than p120,000.00 per annum
3.Have an average high school rating of at least 80%
4.No pending administrative or criminal charge

5. With good moral character

6. Physically and mentally fit

IV. National Commission on Indigenous People.
1.Certification of Tribal Membership
2.Application Information Sheet

3.Certificate of good moral character

4.High School report card for incoming freshmen, latest semestral grades for on-going
college students

5. Birth Certificate

6. 2 pcs. 2x2  ID picture

7. Parents joint affidavit of gross income

V. Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company.
1. Application Letter
2.Certificate of Indigency from the DSWD

3. Police Clearance

4. Endorsement from the Municipal Mayor

5. 4 copies 2 x 2 ID picture

6. Income Tax Return (not more than p60,000.00 annual income of parents)

7. Latest Grades from school

8. Certificate of Real Property from the Municipal Assessor

VI. Knights of Columbus Collegiate Scholarship
Applicant must be:
1. A son / daughter of a K of C member in good standing
2. Be in good health and of god moral character
3. Pass the Foundation’s Scholarship exams
4. Pass the collegiate school’s enrance exams
5. Have an average grade in high school of not lower than 85% and has not entered college

Items to be submitted:
1. K of C Foundation Scholarship form with most recent 1×1 ID
2. Health certificate from qualfied physician
3. Certificate of good moral character from the Principal or guidance office of current school
4. Certification from high school principal that applicant is qualified for graduation in high school
5. Certified copy of high school form 137 or 138
6. Certification from Grand Knight that the father is / was a KC member in good standing
7. Xerox copy of income tax returns of parents/ guardians for the last three years if not employed

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