The 2016 National and Local Elections that was held on May 9, 2016 saw the coming of new faces into the political limelight of the Municipality of Cervantes, with the Honorable Pablito Benjamin P. Maggay elected as Mayor (first term) and the Honorable Armando P. Gaburno as Vice Mayor (first term). Elected Councilors were:
1. Hon. Zosimo N. Ningala – first term
2. Hon. Jenghiz S. Harnois – second term
3. Hon. Roy G. Dadpaas – first term (coming back)
4. Hon. Romeo G. Amilao – third term
5. Hon. Salvador A. Gaburno – third term
6. Hon. Luis A. Sebio – second term
7. Hon. Julieta “Marvie” P. Butangen-Valdez – first term
8. Hon. Rosario S. Coliwet-Pe – first term (coming back)

The Municipality of Cervantes, in partnership with Zuellig Family Foundation, conducted seminar for the Municipal Health Office workers on another the first in Region-I: Wireless Access for Health. Under the program, all clients of the MHO would have to pass through the health workers who would interview them of their health complaints; encode the same in the computer and the same can be viewed by the Health Officer remotely, as well as the Department of Health on real time.

First-time users of computers need to adopt the the technological Development.

The facilitators from Zuellig Family Foundation take time to pose with Dr. Bustillo, MHO.

Another first in Region I. The Municipality of Cervantes launched the first Organic Trading Post on September 25, 2013 at the public market. A fund amounting to one million and five hundred thousand pesos from the Department of Agriculture was used to finance the installation of infrastructure and seed capital for the project. All items sold in this trading post are duly certified organic products, which means, no chemical sprays or fertilizers were used in the production of these farm products.

Councilor Abraham D. Octaviano leads the exercises for the Senior Citizens.

The municipal federation of Senior Citizens headed by President Teodorico Nacis, Sr. celebrated St. Valentine’s Day at the Municipal Gym on February 14, 2013. The conducted games and competitions aside from their performances which they rendered per barangay.

Mayor Benjamin N. Maggay was the keynote speaker during the affair.

Mayor Benjamin N. Maggay also sponsored the senior citizens who had their “detoxification” and replaced the walking sticks of some eight (8) senior citizens.

The fresh concrete is pumped from the riverbed down below up to the bridge form works.

The construction of Aluling Bridge has improved much last week with the arrival of the pumpcrete, an engineering equipment that is used to pump concrete from ground to the above structure. It is usually used in high rise construction, but then again, Aluling Bridge stands four meters higher than the former structure thereby making it harder to pour concrete. It was learned from on site engineer from DPWH Regional Office-I, in the person of Engineer Joe Eguilos that AIP, partner of BMK Construction that won the bidding, hired the equipment from Viking Construction.

The three spans were completed on February 11, 2013.

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On December 21, 2012, the Local Government of Cervantes conducted Christmas program at the municipal gymnasium. The activity was also participated in by the thirteen (13) Punong Barangay of Cervantes, the police officers of Cervantes Municipal Police Station, the fire officers of the Cervantes Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and different national agencies stationed and holding their offices at the municipal hall.

The program was highlighted by the messages from the elected officials headed by Vice Mayor Robert M. Harnois and Mayor Benjamin N. Maggay, presentations from the different offices, and the exchanging of gifts.

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The Local Government of Cervantes had the newly refurbished Municipal Treasury Office, new municipal ambulance from PCSO and newly constructed “halfway home” dedicated to the service of the people through a ceremony officiated by Rev. Fr. Divinus Sanctus Rabang, Parish Priest of the Holy Child of Prague Parish Church on December 20, 2012.

The newly refurbished Municipal Treasury office designed and implemented by Architect Lumdang was blessed by Rev. Fr. Rabang

The newly acquired municipal ambulance from PCSO was blessed by Rev. Fr. Rabang.

The newly constructed Halfway Home, a medical facility for expectant mothers was constructed from the Municipal Share of RA 7171 Fund, was blessed by Rev. Fr. Rabang.

On November 16, 2012, the Municipality of Cervantes joined the whole Province of Ilocos Sur in celebrating the birthday of the late Elpidio Quirino, former President of the Republic. But the people of Cervantes also had another reason to celebrate as AIP/BMK Construction started to install the girders of Aluling Bridge. It took them only four (4) days to complete the task, which has a time table of sixty days, according to Engineer Roy of the DPWH Regional Office. It was contracted at eighteen thousand pesos per girder for the lifting alone, and there were twenty-four girders all in all for the bridge span of one hundred fifty meters. The installation was completed on Monday (November 19, 2012) just before dusk.

For Mayor: (Lone)

1. MAGGAY, Benjamin “BEN” Ngangac – Liberal Party-Bileg

For Vice Mayor:

1. DADPAAS, Roy “ROY” Gagarin – Liberal Party-Bileg
2. GABURNO, Rodolfo “DOLFO” Basinga – Independent

For Councilor:

1. ABELLA, Edsel “EDSEL” Castillo – Independent
2. AMILAO, Romeo “BOTSING” Gaburno – Independent
3. CORTEZ, Edgardo “EDGAR” Garrino – Liberal Party-Bileg
4. DIAZ, Avelino “ABE” Mukiaw – Aksyon Demokratiko
5. GABURNO, Armando “ARMAN” Paredes – Liberal Party-Bileg
6. GABURNO, Salvador “BADONG” Abaya – Independent
7. HARNOIS, Jenghiz “JENG” Sab-it – Liberal Party-Bileg
8. LEO, Rodrigo “DAMPOG” Lucas – Independent
9. MARRERO, Uldarico Jr. “BOTTS” Elefante – Independent
10. MOISES, Honora “NORA” Waitan – Liberal Party-Bileg
11. OCTAVIANO, Abraham “ABE” Del Rosario – Liberal Party-Bileg
12. PALANGDAN, Manuel “BELADY” Yam-yam – Liberal Party-Bileg
13. PE, Cesar “CESAR” Caugan – Liberal Party-Bileg
14. PUSAYEN, Alma “ALMA” Bencilla – Independent
15. SEBIO, Luis Jr. “LUIS” Aniban – Liberal Party-Bileg

Election Officer

The streamer of Kapitol Caravan 2012.

The annual affair of Kapitol Karavan, a program of Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson reached Cervantes and made its milestone on October 1, 2012. The program was highlighted by the conduct of medical mission to the people of Cervantes, coupled by distribution of financial assistance to various groups and associations.

Governor Chavit greets the young PWD beneficiaries of wheelchairs. Crutches were given to others while some senior citizens also received wheelchairs.

The governor also distributed wheelchairs to PWDs, farm implements to farmers and other goods, including tables and chairs, irrigation hoses, kuliglig, public address systems, wheels for vehicles, etc, depending upon the earlier requests made by the barangays.

The honorable governor also provided cash assistance to senior citizens of Cervantes through the Senior Citizens' Association.

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